Our Story

Scalinis means “small steps” in Italian. 

Over the years, we have taken small steps in our business to get to where we are today.  Scalinis began in St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand back in 1999, our plan was always to move home to Samoa – Joe was born in Samoa, & Amanda is a kiwi girl from the Manawatu (just north of Wellington, NZ). That plan came to fruition in 2009, and we have never looked back.

Joe has been a qualified chef for nearly 30 years.  He completed his apprenticeship at one of Auckland’s top restaurants “No. 5”, under Chef Graeme Brooks, and went on to work for a number of well respected establishments. This experience, along with his fluency in the Samoan language and understanding of fa’asamoa (the Samoan way), has enabled us to train local staff to a high standard.

In Sept 2017, the opportunity arose for us occupy the whole building where Scalinis is situated.  We renovated and built a brand new (larger) kitchen, & in June 2018 we opened our deli “The Pickled Lam” which was right next door to Scalinis, sharing the kitchen & staff.


Covid-19 & Samoa’s Measle epidemic has had a significant impact on Scalinis, and in Nov 2020 we made the decision to merge Scalinis with the deli, and change our name to “The Pickled Lam Deli & Eatery”.  We’ve changed our hours, adding breakfast 6 days a week. You can grab a bite to eat anytime between 7:30am – 10pm Mon-Fri & 7:30am – 4pm on Saturdays. Yes, we’re closed on Saturday night for dinner.  For the first time in our careers, we have two nights off a week :-). We’ll see how our post-COVID environment looks later on as to the next step for “Scalinis”. 

We have our very own family farm, producing local produce, with our menu incorporating local flavours with our Scalinis twist. We import biodegradeable* coffee cups & takeaway containers for the deli, compost our restaurant food waste, & have heavily reduced our water usage for cleaning / laundry, and are always researching ways to recycle waste that is currently not recyclable. Our used wine bottles are collected by a local company for their health drink products, our cardboard waste is used in our organic vege and herb supplier’s garden. We are always looking at ways to reduce our amount of rubbish going to Samoa’s landfill. (* Currently there is no commercial composting facility in Samoa for biodegradeable products, so we’re researching ways to mimic the process on a smaller scale)

As well as our business interests in Samoa, we are also involved in our local community:

In 2015, the Samoa Culinary Association was established, with Joe nominated as the founding President. The SCA is not-for-profit organization with a key focus on promoting culinary skills through training in Samoa and generating pathways to careers. SCA is currently on a break as it’s members navigate the impact of Covid-19 on their hospitality businesses.

Amanda is an Executive Board member of the Samoa Cancer Society, with a personal interest in palliative care.  Find out more about the Society’s activities and goals on the SCS website/FB page.